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conservation leadership awards wilburforce foundation - harvey locke 2018 a native of the calgary banff area of canada harvey locke is globally recognized for his work on wilderness national parks and large landscape conservation harvey started his career as a lawyer and partner at a calgary law firm in 1999 after many years of volunteer work for conservation initiatives harvey became a full time conservationist dedicated to wildlife large, places to visit archive toronto and region conservation - the campground is closed for the 2018 season camping reservations open march 18 2019, great plains conservation conserving and expanding - protecting africa s last pockets of pristine wilderness is more than just a philosophy or the passion that drives us it is our way of life, aspinall foundation the internationally renowned animal - conservation the aspinall foundation a world class conservation charity is dedicated to returning captive bred animals to protected wilderness areas and reserves in their native habitats, saving wildlife and wild places wcs org - the wildlife conservation society saves wildlife and wild places worldwide through science conservation action education and inspiring people to value nature, oxley wild rivers national park nsw national parks - oxley wild rivers national park part of the gondwana rainforests of australia world heritage area features rare dry rainforest dramatic gorges and waterfalls extensive wilderness areas wild and scenic rivers and an amazing array of wildlife it s best explored as a scenic drive along the waterfall way explore the apsley macleay gorges one of australia s largest gorge systems with, news the conservation alliancethe conservation alliance - we are excited to report that as we near the end of 2018 a congress notable for doing very little is working to develop and pass a package bills that could reauthorize the land and water conservation fund while protecting nearly two million acres of public land, the concept of biodiversity and the history of - the concept of biodiversity and the history of conservation biology from wilderness preservation to biodiversity conservation jos luiz de andrade franco, africat foundation endangered wildlife and conservation - africat uk africat uk is a registered charity whose vision statement is conservation environmental education research and community enhancement we predominantly support and raise awareness of the africat foundation a registered namibian not for profit organisation, montana fish wildlife parks - montana fish wildlife parks home page montana tales trails an essay on a bird feeder it seems to take a while after sunrise now for birds to gather at the bird feeder by the kitchen window, inside front cover national park service - introduction law policy and other guidance this volume is the basic policy document of the national park service nps for managing the national park system, economic benefits of land conservation conservationtools - summary conserving natural lands working farms and forests and the creation of trails and parks are often viewed in terms of their costs yet these often generate financial returns both to governments and individuals and create significant cost savings to governments in the provision in services, this american land the leading conservation newsmagazine - this american land is the leading conservation news magazine program on public television stations nationwide opening windows to our country s amazing natural heritage we report compelling stories on america s landscapes waters and wildlife taking our viewers to the front lines of conservation science and outdoor adventure with stories that inform and entertain, about the odwc oklahoma department of wildlife conservation - date logo name donation purpose 01 01 2019 national wild turkey federation 53 881 nwtf is providing 53 881 in donations and grants to fund requests from the oklahoma department of wildlife conservation for 2019, black rhinoceros an endangered species bagheera - rhinos live in some of the same african parks and reserves that provide habitat for elephants protection of elephant habitat was not enough rhinos were killed in protected areas because governments could not afford to patrol the parks to stop poachers